How do you mount or hang our signs?

Each sign comes with easy to use hanging chains and a set of screws. We also have an option for double-sided 3m stripes to take away all hassle of tools. 

How do we plug in the signs? Power supply?

We keep it simple. You have an outlet, we provide the rest. Our signs are like plugging in a TV, ready out the box and easy to set up.

How do the 3m stripes work? How do you use them?

3m stripes are the perfect solution if you don’t want holes in your wall. It’s as easy as placing one side of the stripe to the back of our sign. Next, place the second stripe on top of the first one. Now we're ready to mount the sign to the wall. Find the right spot and press firmly for 30 seconds. 



What comes in the box?

You’ll receive your sign, advertising screws, hanging chains, dimmer and remote(optional), 3m Stripes(optional), and a power supply.

Any type of warranty do we offer?

We offer a 1 year warranty on all of our signs. This doesn’t cover any physical damage or incorrect installation.  

What are my backing choices?

Each sign is mounted onto a translucent acrylic board. For most of our pieces they are cut on a full board, this allows easy hanging and the ability to move easy. Our saying pieces are cut to shape backings.  

Can I use my sign outside?

Right now our signs are for indoor use only.

Return policy?

Unless we're fixing an issue on a warranty case we don't allow returns as all sales are final. 



Where do you ship to?

We currently only ship within the United States.

How long of a lead time?

Every sign we make is made to order. With everything being handmade we need some time to create your art to the best possible standards. 

In general, most of our signs take 2-4 weeks to create and deliver your piece depending on demand. 


Color and sizing

What is the right size for me?

Measure out your desired space and match from one of our selected options. Some designs are too small or too big to fit a certain size.  

How do the colors work?

We offer 18 different color options! There are a couple components when it comes to LED tubing. The first component being a color tubed vs. white tube. The color tube will display the same color more intensely. The white tubing still can display color just dimmer in shade.


Dimmers and remotes

Do I need a dimmer or a remote?

No, The sign will operate without either. The sign will have to be manually plugged and unplugged when in use.

What is the function of a dimmer?

The dimmer will allow you to control the intensity of the LED. When shipped, the LED is programmed at 100%. This will give you full control of how bright or dim your unit is. 

Can I change the color of my led with my remote?

The only LED we offer that can be controlled by a remote is our RGB option.