Common Neon Sign Questions: Everything You Need to Know

Common Neon Sign Questions: Everything You Need to Know

At Happy Walls, we know all of the wonderful benefits of using neon LED signage for your events, business, even throughout your home. However, once you’ve considered creating a customized neon sign for your space, many questions may come up about the usage, cleaning, and location of your neon LED sign.

We’re here to help answer the most common questions about neon signs. If you have any additional questions about neon signs, please feel free to contact us! We would love to hear from you and how we can provide you with a smile for every wall.

Most Common Neon Sign Questions

What Does LED Mean?

Neon signs are made with LED lighting. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. A lot of research and further advancements have been done on LED lighting and today, modern LED fixtures don’t use tubes and have become a lot more affordable and energy efficient. 

How Does LED Lighting Work?

LED lighting passes electricity through to a chip within the light fixture. The chip then produces a neon lighting that can be seen by the human eye. In fact, neon LED lighting is about 90% more visible than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting.

How Do You Clean Neon LED Signage?

Proper dusting and cleaning are essential to keeping your neon LED sign in tip top shape! Always ensure that your neon LED sign is unplugged and off before cleaning the wall fixture. To clean your LED sign, use an unscented soap watered down with warm water. Use a brush with soft bristles to gently clean the fixture as carefully as possible.

Are Neon Signs Trending?

Definitely - the popularity of neon LED signs is on the rise! So many people are using neon LED signs for fun slogans, motivational phrases, and more. Neon signs illuminate any space effectively, immediately adding personality and making any room more inviting! Because neon signs are becoming more affordable and energy efficient, their popularity is expected to continue to rise.

How Can I Customize My Neon LED Sign?

On our Happy Walls website, you can customize your sign with different colors, fonts, and content (up to 16 characters). Think about what you want your sign to look like and the message you want it to convey before placing your neon LED sign order!

What Are Some Ideas For How to Use Neon Signs?

We have had customers use neon LED signage for so many different reasons! Weddings, bridal or baby showers, holidays, workplace lunchrooms, company events, birthday parties, in a home office, and more! There are so many ways you can use neon LED signs to spruce up your space and upcoming events!

Are Neon Signs Safe to Use?

Neon is an element that is safe to use in your home, business, or any other space. Neon itself is inert and not dangerous. It’s also less common to break a neon LED sign, as they are no longer created with tubes.

Do LED Signs Use a Lot of Energy?

No! Neon LED signs actually use a lot less energy than you might think! Original incandescent or fluorescent lights use about 75% more energy than neon LED signs, making them more energy efficient for any space.