Attracting New Customers with Custom Neon LED Business Signage

Attracting New Customers with Custom Neon LED Business Signage

Custom neon LED signage has become a must-have for businesses. With all of the technological advancements and competition for attention, LED signs will surely attract the attention of new and existing customers.

Neon LED signs are a great way to show your brand’s personality with color, fonts, and messaging. At Happy Walls, our goal is to provide neon LED wall fixtures that are customizable and will illuminate and brighten your business. Take a look at some of the benefits of having a neon LED sign for your business and how you can get started creating a smile for every wall today!

Benefits of Custom LED Signs For Your Business

Customizable Neon Signs

Our neon LED wall fixtures are customizable! Meaning, you can customize your neon sign with color, font, and messaging (up to 16 characters in length). We recommend coming up with a strategy for your sign - something that represents your business’ personality like a slogan or name. Using company colors may also add to your brand’s consistency. Collaborate with your team to discuss the best content options for your sign. Remember, the goal of your neon sign is to attract customers - so keep that in mind as well!

Build Internal Culture

Many businesses customize a neon LED sign for their business with the intent that it will build culture for their team. Maybe you plan to create a motivational sign that you put in a common area of your business that many employees will see. The illuminated sign will add a lot of personality to your brand, giving good vibes to your team and boosting culture in your workplace. Having a good internal business culture really reflects on a brand and can attract customers.

Convey Information - Quickly

You need a sign that attracts new customers’ attention right off the bat. Creating a neon sign allows your business the opportunity to speak to customers and prospects, clearly communicating a specific message. Use bright illumination to get your message across in a way that attracts customers. Remember to keep it short and sweet (16 characters or less) for easy readability, especially if a new customer passes by quickly in a vehicle. Doing so will provide a quick and easy experience for customers.

Neon LED Signs Are Attention-Grabbing

Humans are flooded with stimulation on a daily basis. We have become so in-tune with stimulation from advertisements, sales promotions, and commercials that we don’t even realize we are being marketed to a lot of times. A neon LED sign speaks for itself. There’s something about neon signs that stands out in our brains. Our unique, attention-grabbing neon signs provide businesses with an opportunity to stand out from competition and easily attract new customers.

Our Happy Walls Sign Creation Process

Creating your own customized neon LED wall fixture is simple and easy for your business! All you have to do is pick your design style, input your message (up to 16 characters), and submit your design.

Once you’ve submitted your design, we will create your sign following the custom design of your sign. Once your sign is created, we’ll ship your neon sign directly to your business for you to enjoy the many benefits of neon LED signage.